Lessons from the University of Hajj

Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Those who had performed their Hajj this year are returning back to their homes with the intention of starting a brand new life. This also means that the topic of Hajj will not be addressed

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  “Here I am Allāh, Here I am to serve you here I am...” Hajj is the fifth pillar in Islām and is one of the greatest deeds one can accomplish in

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‘Umar bin Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) once remarked: “I was about to send envoys to the towns (on the outskirts of the Muslim empire) to check on all those

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We have a brand new Dhul Hijjah Digest this year - click below to launch it! New Series << Click here to see the complete series >> Virtues Of Dhul Hijjah Series by Sheikh