Ramadān in History

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Badr will come again, O Muslims!

Yasin Abdullah 19 Min Read

Today is the 17th Ramadān, a day that marks a revolutionary moment in the history of Islām: the Battle of Badr

Ramadān: the Month of Heroes & Victory

Z A Rahman 20 Min Read

Ramadan is not only famous for fasting but for victories that changed the course of history.

The Early Muslims in Ramadan

Ustadh Asim Khan 14 Min Read

The Prophet certified the first three generations as being the “best”. He said: “The best people are my generation, and then those who came after them, and then those who came after

The Fiqh of Tarāwīh

Sheikh Alomgir Ali 24 Min Read

According to the Hanbali school of thought

The Heroes of Ramadān

Abdullah Izzadin 17 Min Read

The Ramadan of those most in need; a lesson of strength and resilience.

May is playing a dangerous game exploiting Finsbury Park attack

Dr. Salman Butt 18 Min Read

If we are not very careful right now, then our horror, anger and frustration provoked by the rising and increasingly violent tide of Islamophobia will be misused against us.