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BBC boycott targets Israeli bias on Gaza devastation

In a boycott launching today, organisers are fighting against the BBC's misinformation and lies during the Gaza genocide.

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Far-right Hindutva nationalists fuelled Leicester violence, finds new evidence

In light of new evidence, isn't it time the UK government started cracking down on the growing violent Hindutva ideology and its BJP-affiliated sympathisers?

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69 Hindus acquitted of Muslim murders during Gujarat genocide

Justice is yet to be served after the latest Indian court ruling acquitted 69 Hindus, including a BJP politician, of the murders of 11 Muslims during the 2002 Gujarat genocide.

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BBC publicly exposes its hypocrisy with Gary Lineker debacle

The BBC's highest-paid presenter was suspended after criticising the British government. The same BBC and Lineker proudly condemned Qatar during the World Cup. Is this fair?

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Desperate Modi uses tax agency against BBC after explosive series

Modi feels so threatened by the recent BBC series, that India's tax authority has raided the corporation's Delhi and Mumbai offices.

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Hindu nationalist Modi marches toward Muslim genocide

The Indian government has banned a BBC docuseries that exposes Modi and his anti-Muslim policies. Check out this summary to find out more.

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BBC series renews focus on bigot Modi’s rise to political peak

Politicians may have moved on, but the BBC's Modi docuseries is renewing focus on the Indian PM's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

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“Where are they taking daddy?”

This is the second chapter in our story of an unsuspecting British Muslim family. Amina’s daddy is taken to the side at the airport by what appear to be police officers...

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The Media Manufactures Disinterest

"Media outlets are not neutral and objective, so don't expect them to be..."

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Outrage over Douglas Murray’s anti-Muslim sermon on BBC Sunday Politics

Muslims and non-Muslims alike have expressed outrage after the BBC Sunday Politics programme gave infamous ideologue Douglas Murray an unhindered short film to implicitly call for the “removal of Islam from the UK” as some have called it...