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Fatwa: Es ist haram ‘israelische’ Datteln zu kaufen und zu verkaufen

Eine Fatwa über das kaufen und verkaufen von israelischen Datteln und anderen landwirtschaftlichen Produktionen Click to read Fatwa in English Israel ist einer der größten Exporteure von landwirtschaftlichen Produkten. Laut einem Bericht des WhoProfits Research Centers wurden 40% der Datteln, die sie in 2011 geerntet hatten, mit einem Gewinn von 265 Millionen $

Helping Hypocrites Against Muslims

Deliberation before Condemnation – Part 2 Part 1 | 2 | 3 |  4 The purpose of this series is one: To illustrate beyond doubt the very sophisticated nature of Takfīr, hoping that it will dissuade those who have been afflicted with such boldness to reconsider their behaviour and to busy themselves with

Arabic Language: Past, Present & Future

Arabic is the main surviving language of the Semitic family. It is spoken in the Arab East and Arab West, popularly known as the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in East and West Africa. It is the fourth most popular language in the world after English, French

Where are the Muslim millionaires?

Muslim Entrepreneurship: Its Role in the Movement Everything needs provision. Whether it be the projects we start, the institutions we run, the family unit we raise and sustain, or life itself. Therefore, the need for finance and entrepreneurialism cannot be underestimated when it comes to achieving equality and promoting justice

HALAL option to own your house Riba free

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKyXb9rAGQA Click the video above to watch Shaikh Haitham's new 100% Halal Home Acquisition Plan. Also read When a society implodes on itself

The Muslim Business: An Overlooked Da’wah Opportunity

The Muslim Business: An Overlooked Da'wah Opportunity Today, as I walked into my prospective client's office, I wondered to myself if my client—whom I respectfully refer to as Uncle—would remember today's meeting. Uncle owns an Asian takeaway-cum-restaurant situated in the town centre of a popular Muslim neighbourhood. He and I met