Trials Transformed 5 Min Read

Prophet Shuʿayb and his push for fair trade in Madyan

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn about Prophet Shuʿayb and his calls for honest business.

Make sure to avoid haram dates this Ramadan

As Britain is the 2nd-largest importer of "Israeli" dates, many people don't realise they're buying something that is haram, because of cunning labels.

Current Affairs Featured Middle East Palestine Politics Propagation 28 Min Read

The tectonic shift in sentiment against ‘Israel’

Narrative, politics, media, international relations, celebrity solidarity, social media, business, technology...Nashir ibn Hussain charts the various humiliations the terror state faced on the global stage after its latest senseless massacre of Palestinians.

Featured Finance Latest Islamic Propagation UK 9 Min Read

Here’s how you can buy Asda in a halal way

Can you get mega rich in a halal way in today's business world?

Featured Finance Islamic Thought Latest Islamic Opinion 14 Min Read

Islamic FinTech: More Virtual Than Reality?

Will innovation in FinTech break Islamic finance out of the unjust banking framework?

Eight Casualties of Haram Wealth

⚠️Warning ⚠️This is scary.

Clarity of Vision: the Fuel for Success

Do you have high aspirations? Read Imam Asim Khan's guide to creating and executing a vision...

News News News Middle East User Generated 1 Min Read

Amazing bakery in Makkah – no cashier, no cameras

https://www.facebook.com/I21century/videos/1356394507732381 Click above to watch video The Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhī wa sallam) said “When honesty is lost, then wait for the hour." This video shows that there are still places where people are championing the value of 'amānah', exhibiting honesty and integrity in their dealings. Read more about amānah

The Billion Dollar Muslim

Book Review of Billion Dollar Muslim: Why We Need Spiritually Inspired Entrepreneurs “Everyone can be an entrepreneur and the way global economies are going, everyone will need to be.” Billion Dollar Muslim is not a typical guide to “how to be an entrepreneur” that you will find on the bookshelf. In

Islamic Law Islamic Thought Propagation 6 Min Read

Israil hurmaları ve tarım ile ilgili verilen fetva

Israil hurmaları ve tarım ile ilgili verilen fetva Click to read Fatwa in English İsrailliler tarım ürünlerinde dünyanın en büyük ihracatçıları arasında yer almaktadır. WhoProfits Araştırma Merkezi tarafından yayınlanan bir rapora göre, 2011 yılında yetiştirilmiş olan hurmaların 40% ı, 265 milyon dolar kâr ile ihraç edilmektedir. Çoğu hurma bahçeleri Ürdün’ün