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COVID-19: Prophetic Remedies to Revive

Some golden prophetic advice for staying healthy during the pandemic

How to Prepare Loved Ones for Death

You might not want to think about this, but your loved ones will wish you did

LOCKDOWN SERIES | Explanation of 40 Hadith on Pandemics

Receive the reward of a martyr during the Coronavirus pandemic - even if you don't get infected!

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Coronavirus: Through the lens of a Quranic parable

The beauty of the Qur’ān is that this parable, along with others, can be applied to the many trials and tribulations that Muslims have gone through in the 1441 years since its revelation.

40 Hadith for Pandemics

40 Hadith on Trials, Plagues and Pandemics with Prophetic advice on how to deal with them

COVID-19: A Time for Gratitude

"Fill your homes with laughter not fear"

What COVID-19 has uncovered

COVID-19 has covered the world. It has covered headlines, as well as the minds of humanity. Yet it has also uncovered so many matters that had been – in the lives of many – obscured for all too long.

Sha’ban in LOCKDOWN

"I would like to remind you about something very important that we might have forgotten about due to being in lockdown..."

Closing Mosques – Islamic Justifications for Coronavirus Lockdowns

Sh Sajid Umar clarifies the unprecedented fatwas for unprecedented times

Take a Moment from COVID-19…

Today the hands that give are those of the health care workers. Today they are all the hands that give, while the rest of humanity have their lower hands stretched out...