Trials Transformed 5 Min Read

Prophet Mūsa and the Egyptian Exodus

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn about Prophet Mūsa's leadership with certainty in Allah.

Nakba 4 Min Read

A tale of loss, longing, and legacy in Palestine

My beloved grandparents survived the 1948 Nakba; 75 years on, there is another Nakba taking place.

Featured History Islamic Thought Latest Non-News Opinion Scripture Theology 30 Min Read

A Promised Land – to the Nation of Truth & Justice

#Aqsa is the barometer of the Muslim Ummah. When Muslims are strong, Jerusalem is safe for all. Ahmed Hammuda charts the historical and theological transfer of the ‘Promised Land’ from one group of believers to another.

Current Affairs Featured Middle East Opinion Palestine Politics 11 Min Read

Decades On: the Shameful Legacy of the Nakba Continues

The world's last remaining racist European colony in the Middle East turns 74 years old.

Featured Islamic Thought Latest Islamic Opinion Propagation Spirituality 16 Min Read

Is it Time for Hijrah?

How often do we feel overwhelmed by the difficulties the Muslims around the world are going through? Not only are Muslims victimised, invaded and displaced, but on the end of a systematic ideological challenge. Our values are constantly being questioned, our beliefs interrogated, our Qur'an contested and our beloved Prophet