Trials Transformed 7 Min Read

The Loss of a Beloved Child

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn about how the Prophet ﷺ dealt with the loss of his children.

Trials Transformed 3 Min Read

The Strength of Hājar, the Mother of Prophet Ismā’īl

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn about Hājar and her trust in Allah despite impossible conditions.

Trials Transformed 4 Min Read

Prophet Ibrāhīm and his trial by fire

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn about Prophet Ibrāhīm's astounding conviction and trust in Allah.

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The Butterfly Effect

Did you know that both World Wars were actually ignited simply because a car was driven to the wrong street?

Hajar: The Woman that Changed the World

Sh Omar Suleiman tells the Hajj “origin story” through the eyes of this great woman (alayha al-Salām).

Reflections from Muzdalifah

Staying the Night in Muzdalifah

The Likeness of Abraham ﷺ

"I saw Abraham (ʿalayhi al-Salām) and the person who resembles him most is your companion..."

How Valuable are You in the Sight of Allah?

Do we work more on our importance in the sight of other people, or in the sight of Allah? A powerful lesson from Surah Maryam...

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Are you struggling today?

As the scorching sun beat down on the sand, an exhausted man turned and began to walk away from his family. His shocked wife called out to him, asking where he was going. The man did not reply. Clutching their baby in her arms, she desperately asked: “Is this what

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Response of a Sacrificed Son

The Response of the Sacrificed Son Ibrāhīm (ʿalayhi al-Salām) is the father of the Prophets, the leader of the monotheistic way, the intimate friend of Allāh and the father of the Imāms of mankind. He lived a life of struggle, having confronted the idolatry of his community from his early