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Tory “turmoil” obstructing Islamophobia response, finds review

Excuses are being made for the Conservatives as they delay stamping out Islamophobia, but a different tune was played for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

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China’s Strike Hard Campaign: Local resonances in Global War on Terror

Nine years since China launched its version of the War on Terror, here is some global context on the ongoing political and military anti-Muslim offensive.

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Millwall Academy head allegedly shared Islamophobic comments

The Head of Youth Recruitment at Millwall Academy allegedly shared discriminatory comments on Twitter; is this reflective of a wider culture problem at the club?

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Islamophobia report says Muslim states have failed Uyghurs

In a new paper, the Centre for Uyghur Studies has sharply criticised Muslim countries for alleged inaction in calling out the decades-long Uyghur genocide by China.

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Suella, don’t blame ‘political correctness’ for YOUR failures

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, claims that grooming gangs are “almost all British Pakistani”; Dr. Salman Butt issues a strong rebuke.

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Aston Villa diversity lead reminded of duties as Islamophobic posts unearthed

The person responsible for diversity at Aston Villa has been cautioned by the FA after Islamophobic tweets were unearthed.

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Islamophobia report exposes European governments’ complicity

A recent report has exposed various European governments' complicity in ingraining Islamophobia into society.

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Review of Canadian revenue service audit of Muslim charities “inherently flawed”

The Muslim Association of Canada and 77 other Islamic entities call on Justin Trudeau to eradicate unfair targeting against Muslim groups.

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Bengali Muslim leader in jail after opening small museum in Assam state

Indian authorities continue to pursue an anti-Muslim, anti-Bengali line after arresting local activist, Mohar Ali.

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The Psychology of Hate

Ever wondered about the deeper reasoning behind the emotion of hate? Ahmed Tomal provides some analysis.