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Islam, the Elixir of Immortal Souls & the Return to the Heavenly State

In part three of three, Dr. Najmuddin Hasan dives into mankind's spiritual and metaphysical return to God.

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Dimensions of the Human Reality

In part two of three, Dr. Najmuddin Hasan discusses personality, character, planes of reality, and more.

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The Purpose of Man

In this first part of three, Dr. Najmuddin Hasan explores the purpose of mankind.

Lessons from the University of Hajj

Those who had performed their Hajj this year are returning back to their homes with the intention of starting a brand new life. This also means that the topic of Hajj will not be addressed for another year from today. But I want to do things differently...

My Same-Sex Attraction: Understanding & Healing

“Why doesn’t Allah take these feelings away?” Ali Jeffry shares his personal story of understanding and recovering from unwanted same-sex attraction.

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Eid and the Potential of the Ummah

"There is a relationship between those who fail to subdue their desires and the fire," writes Dr Haroon Sidat. "The fire, when fed, becomes ever more ferocious..."

How to Make Tadabbur in 10 Steps

10 ways to enable you to ponder over the Qur'ān...

Taqwā In The Last 10 Nights

Shaikh Sajid Umar delivers a pertinent reminder on the final push in these last few days of the blessed month of Ramadān...

Be Like the One in I’tikāf

As we are in the last 10 nights of Ramaḍān, and we are nearing the end of this blessed month, it is important for us to maximise whatever little time we have left of this sacred month.