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#103 Our Khateebs MUST Do Better | In Conversation with Mustafa Al-Mansur

In this thought-provoking episode, we sat down with Mustafa al-Mansur in a deep and honest conversation about life, personal development, and the gap between our ideals and reality. Mustafa shares his journey of self-discovery and the realisation that having knowledge and talking about ideals is not enough to make a

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#102 We SAT with 2 EXPERTS on Muslims & the Pride Movement

We caught up with Dr. Mobeen Vaid, one of the foremost researchers on Islamic relationship norms in the US & Yusuf Patel, a veteran campaigner on parental rights amid the UK's LGBT drive in schools, to discuss how the Pride campaign has been affecting Muslims on both sides of the

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Condolences to Yusuf Patel and Muhammad Jalal on the passing of their father

We share the deeply moving news of the passing of our brother Yusuf Patel's beloved father, Mohamed Fakir Patel.

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The Road to Statutory Sex Education in Schools

MPs Call for Statutory Sex and Relationship Education in Schools The Education Select Committee published its long awaited report into Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and the headlines screamed "statutory SRE on the horizon". The single most common question I have been asked in response was: 'Is SRE statutory?' The