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A Destructive Education

The burgeoning Muslim middle classes are walking into an epidemic, writes educationalist Usman Qureshi.

Textbooks, Temptations & Takeaways

Advice for Muslims starting university

What Comes After ISOC Life?

Will you let that flame die out?

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Sh. ʿAbdul-Azīz al-Tarīfī acquitted of all convictions

The official Facebook Page of Sheikh ʿAbdul-ʿAzīz b. Marzūq al-Ṭarīfī posted an update on the verdict of the Sheikh who was arrested by Saudi security forces last year. The statement which was posted on Thursday has been widely shared on social media. It states: “There are many questions about Sh.

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Rays of Hope for NUS & Islamic Societies Following Judicial Review into Prevent

Student Islamic Societies as well as the National Union of Students, a confederation of nearly 600 students’ unions representing 7 million students, have welcomed the recent judicial review judgement claiming it has vindicated their long-held anti-Prevent stances...

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Summary of Our Legal Case Against Prevent

What follows is a summary and some reflections from the four-day hearing at the High Court for the judicial review into the UK Government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It was a great educational experience for me personally, after which I am genuinely optimistic and happy—by the Grace of Allah. There were many

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The Legacy of Muhammad Iqbal

‘Allāma Iqbāl in Oldham­ A series on Muḥammad Iqbāl Part 1: On unity and identity In a quiet neighbourhood in Oldham, Greater Manchester, amidst vibrant greenery and rows of quaint houses lies 31 ‘Allama Iqbāl road. Although it may at first seem an anomaly amongst the other more ‘English’ street

On Sh Haitham’s Student ‘Loans’ Fatwa

The Islamic ruling on the UK Student Finance loan Paying for university fees has always been somewhat problematic for many Muslim families. Things became much more severe with the drastic rise in student fees in the UK. This has meant that many students are not able to afford studying at university. Student

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Right to pray throughout the day: framing your argument for a Muslim prayer room

“But Muslims deserve a place to pray!” But that was not what the motion was about. The motion was about whether Muslims deserved their own prayer room as opposed to sharing a Multi-faith prayer room with members of other faiths. But the brother who decided to speak on behalf of

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Don’t be an echo, find your voice

“The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don't know how to be submissive, and so on -- because they're dysfunctional to the institutions.” - Noam Chomsky I was lost.