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Zionist regime “authorises” nine illegal West Bank settlements

On Sunday, the occupying Zionist entity attempted to legalise the illegal, by "approving" nine West Bank settlements.

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Norway’s wealth fund to divest from entities with occupied West Bank ties

Norway's sovereign wealth fund is set to sell off its holdings in firms with suspected ties to occupied West Bank settlements.

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Booking.com weakens West Bank travel warning following Israeli demands

The Israeli government has yet again caused a global company to change its approach when it comes to business in the West Bank.

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7-year-old dies of suspected heart failure after Zionist forces give chase

A 7-year-old Palestinian child has died "of fear" after callous Israeli forces allegedly terrified the young boy to death.

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Palestinian Annexation Needs a “Diplomatic Tsunami”

European settler colonialism continues to live and breathe new venom in 2020

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When nations perished for harming Muslim women

Sister Hadeel - How many more murdered will it take? On 22 September 2015, a teenage Palestinian Muslimah, Hadeel al-Hashlamun (rahimahallāh) who was 18 years of age, was targeted and unlawfully executed by Israeli troops in the illegally occupied Hebron, West Bank. Whilst we all viewed images, footage and remembered