Lukman Harees

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Seeing Through France’s Double Standards & Hypocrisy

10 Min Read

Maligning Islām Under the Cover of ‘Free Speech’

The ethnic cleansing of Muslims 30 years ago that few remember

11 Min Read

The Muslim community were not aliens but were there for 1,000 years. But that did not stop the 'Nakba' of 30 years ago

Has “Back-Stabbing” the Palestinian Cause become the New Norm?

9 Min Read

Does the formal normalisation of relations between Israel and the UAE signal a new normal?

Palestinian Annexation Needs a “Diplomatic Tsunami”

10 Min Read

European settler colonialism continues to live and breathe new venom in 2020

The US is suffering a legitimacy crisis in the Middle East

11 Min Read

Is the killing of Sulaimani a sign of weakening US influence in the Middle East?

An identity of a brotherhood of suffering

10 Min Read

Myanmar, China, and Now India... Is Muslim Dignity Cheap?

Racism in the UK Runs Much Deeper than Brexit

10 Min Read

“Traditional racism has not disappeared but rather racisms have proliferated, in kind and quantity."

A Year After the Assassination of Khashoggi: Lessons and Reflections

12 Min Read

Do assassinations change history?

Tackling Global Islamophobia

11 Min Read

Is Imran Khan’s UN Speech a Turning Point?

Muted Response to the Kashmir Issue: Reflection of Changing Priorities of Muslim Leadership?

11 Min Read

Is the reaction we are seeing to the Kashmir crisis a sign of shifting priorities for Muslims' rulers?