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Corbyn exposes dossier that puts the NHS “up for sale”

5 Min Read

The Labour leader said the uncensored documents reveal Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lies of the NHS not being up for trade talks, with the US wanting “total market access” to the health system post-Brexit.

‘Counter-extremism’ group conducting Twitter campaign against Corbyn

10 Min Read

The Home Office-backed group, which received its funding from the UK’s counter-extremism programme, has reportedly tweeted about Labour and Corbyn “more than 200 times” since February 2018.

Blacklist: Hundreds of thousands of Muslims listed without evidence

3 Min Read

The influential World-Check blacklist names hundreds of thousands of Muslims as “potential risks” despite there being no proof of any offences.

Al Rayan Bank’s ex-CEO takes legal action to clear his name and reputation

13 Min Read

Mr Sultan Choudhury, ex-CEO of Al Rayan Bank, has been adversely affected after The Times published a “misleading” and “libellous” article inferring he made comments about female genital mutilation.

Labour demands “restoration of human rights” in Kashmir

5 Min Read

The Labour Party’s emergency motion condemns the region’s “complete lockdown” and leads to the cancellation of an annual dinner with the High Commission of India.

‘Far-right’ is UK’s fastest-growing ‘terrorist’ threat

4 Min Read

Police say that seven of 22 major plots since March 2017 were driven by ‘far-right extremism’

Lifestyle platform ‘SuperSisters’ exposed after receiving counter-terrorism funding

10 Min Read

A website trying to influence Muslim sisters was EXPOSED as being run by non-Muslims receiving government funds...

MSPs asked to investigate ‘Islamophobic’ stop and question powers

4 Min Read

In response to CAGE’s recent report on Schedule 7, SACC has asked the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia to look into the usage of the controversial ‘anti-terror’ power.

New report says detention of Muslims at UK ports and airports is ‘structural Islamophobia’

7 Min Read

Tens of thousands of people are subject to ‘suspicionless stops’, with law enforcement using controversial counter-terrorism powers to detain Muslims for up to six hours.

Muslim teenager reportedly dies after being set on fire in India

5 Min Read

Khalid had been left with burns covering 60% of his body after being set on fire for refusing to chant a Hindu slogan. Police, however, have rejected this report and instead claim the teenager had set himself on fire.