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Condolences to our Chief Editor on his father’s passing

Editor 3 Min Read

Dear All, The father of our Chief Editor Dr. Salman Butt passed away last night in hospital after a period of illness. We ask Allah to shower His mercy upon Abdul Majid Butt

Remembering Darcus Howe & Ahmed Kathrada

Imam Shakeel Begg 7 Min Read

Lewisham Mosque's Imam Shakeel Begg reflects on the lives of Ahmed Kathrada, a contemporary of Nelson Mandela, and Darcus Howe, a leading activist during the Black Panther Movement, and highlights the duty

Telling the Community’s Story

Editor 7 Min Read

Scroll down for an interactive timeline of articles published over the last twelve months addressing problems from within, hostility from without and the empowerment of our community. Be it bittersweet introspection addressing

Setting the Record Straight – Scandals & Propaganda in 2016

Editor 10 Min Read

Scroll down to see a timeline of some examples of the media and/or state propaganda last year and Islam21c’s attempt at setting the record straight “The mass media serve as a system

Rising Above Social Issues in 2016

Editor 8 Min Read

Scroll down for an interactive timeline of articles focusing on some of the important issues affecting society in 2016 The last year we witnessed major historical events both internationally and domestically. This

People the Ummah lost in 2016

Editor 8 Min Read

Despite knowing that death is inevitable, most people are engrossed in the trappings of this worldly life and neglect to prepare adequately for the certainty of what follows – our death and