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When the lights at Islam21c almost went off

Editor 5 Min Read

From 9:30 BST tonight, every odd night we will be releasing the heart-touching stories of an unsuspecting British Muslim family...

Looking back at 1440 with Islam21c

Dr. Salman Butt 2 Min Read

SubhanAllah, so much has happened in the last year...

Joint statement of Muslim Scholars & Imams on LGBT row in schools

Letters to Islam21c 11 Min Read

Over a hundred scholars & Imams in the UK have spoken out calling for true tolerance, concerning the row in schools over LGBT classes

Islam21c Offline Event; Annual Dinner 2019

Amanpaul Dhaliwal 1 Min Read

Alhamdulillah our first annual dinner 'The Power of the Pen' was completely sold out with 440 supporters including a large line up of special guests. The event included key note talks, awards,

Renewing Our Commitment to Articulating Islam in the 21st Century

Editor 16 Min Read

After 13 years of providing guidance and solutions we felt it was time to give Islam21c.com a fresh new look whilst sharing our commitment to articulating Islam in the 21st Century. Our

A look back at the year 1439 with Islam21c

Editor 2 Min Read

As the year 1439 draws to a close, we take a look back at where our community’s thinkers, scholars and activists have taken us over the last twelve months...