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BREAKING: Egypt’s President Morsi dies in court

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Innā lillāhi wa innā ilayhī rāji’ūn

Egypt’s state television has reported that Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first and last democratically elected leader in the modern period, has died following a court appearance.

Egypt’s public prosecutor has said that Morsi was pronounced dead in hospital at 4:50pm local time (02:50 GMT)

Whilst in prison Morsi was known to have had a history of several health issues. These included diabetes and liver and kidney disease.

Human Rights Watch said today that the death of Morsi was tragic however it was “predictable” given Egyptian authorities’ poor prison conditions and “failure” to allow him medical care.

The Middle East director of HRW, Sarah Leah Whitson, in a tweet stated that the news of the death of Morsi was “terrible but entirely predictable” given the government “failure to allow him adequate medical care, much less family visits.”

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Muslims across the world including several scholars and activists took to social media to mourn the death of Mohamed Morsi.

Anas Altikriti, the CEO and founder of ‘The Cordoba Foundation’ said:

President #Morsi dies on precisely the same day he won #Egypt’s only democratic Presidential elections 7 years ago; 17th June 2012.

Posted by Anas Altikriti on Monday, 17 June 2019


The first world leader to respond in reaction to the news was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who had very close ties with Morsi.

He paid tribute to Morsi and called him a “martyr.”

He stated:

“May Allah rest our brother Morsi, our martyr’s soul in peace,”

The wife of Jamal Khashoggi tweeted:

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Watch his Final Speech:

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  1. Innalillahi wa innaa ilayshirraji in, may his soul rest in Jannatul Firdausi, who ever has hand in this great lost, may Allah punish him right here in dunya.

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