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Joint statement: “We should respect and tolerate our differences,” say UK scholars and Imams

Click below to find out why over a hundred scholars & Imams have signed a joint statement over the recent LGBT row in schools.

UAE rolls out red carpet for “butcher of Gujrat” Modi

Qatar has withdrawn its signature from the pro-China statement defending China’s repressive policies in East Turkestan, whilst the UAE presents the butcher of Gujrat with the ‘Highest Civilian Award’.

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New report says detention of Muslims at UK ports and airports is ‘structural Islamophobia’

Tens of thousands of people are subject to ‘suspicionless stops’, with law enforcement using controversial counter-terrorism powers to detain Muslims for up to six hours.

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UN Security Council discusses situation in Kashmir for the first time in decades

The UN Security Council has met behind closed doors to discuss the ongoing situation in Kashmir as tensions continue to rise between Pakistan and India...

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Government appoints Prevent advocate to lead its professed ‘independent’ review

Lord Carlile was a former government reviewer who approved of the toxic counter-extremism strategy…

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“Extreme concern” over appointment of new Home Secretary

Conservative Party’s Sayeeda Warsi said that Priti Patel was a “disturbing appointment at a critical time for the Middle East.”

King Salman will host US Armed Forces in the Kingdom again

The Saudi kingdom has not hosted US combat forces since 2003, when Donald Rumsfeld, the United States Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, announced their withdrawal.

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Turkey receives Russian S-400 missile defence system despite US threat

Purchase of controversial defence system has angered the US, who argues Ankara cannot have both S-400 missiles and F-35 fighter jets.

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The biggest threat to free speech at universities is Prevent

"The true threat to free speech on campus is the government’s own policies", says Liberty.

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REVEALED: UK Gov approved £14m arms sales to “Israel” during mass protester killings

Despite ‘Israeli’ soldiers shooting unarmed Palestinians, the British government continued to sign off weapons licences.