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“Offenders are most commonly White” – grooming gangs report finally released by Home Office

News Editor 4 Min Read

A report into grooming gangs that was previously kept secret by the government has today been published in a U-turn. And there are some theories as to why it was blocked...

1 million+ protest and pray in Chechnya against violence in Burma

Editor 2 Min Read

There has been an enormous gathering in Grozny, Chechnya’s capital, to protest the violence, killing and genocide committed by the Myanmar army and Buddhist extremists on the Rohingya Muslims. Russia’s Interior Ministry

Iraqi PM sanctions sectarian militias’ advances towards Syria

Editor 3 Min Read

Elite US-backed military was accused of indiscriminate murder, torture and rape with at least one nightly intrusion monitored by a US drone flying over the city.

Breaking News: Major incident in London Bridge days before the election

Editor 2 Min Read

-Developing news refresh this page to get updated news- Also Watch: #LondonBridge Attack – Sheikh Haitham advises the nation on moving forward If you were near the location where the incident took place,

Five more school leaders cleared as yet another “Trojan Horse” case thrown out

Editor 5 Min Read

The so-called "Trojan Horse" scandal which did much damage to thriving schools in Muslim-populated areas before being gradually and consistently exposed as a hoax continues to unravel with the latest set of

Outrage over Douglas Murray’s anti-Muslim sermon on BBC Sunday Politics

Editor 5 Min Read

Muslims and non-Muslims alike have expressed outrage after the BBC Sunday Politics programme gave infamous ideologue Douglas Murray an unhindered short film to implicitly call for the “removal of Islam from the