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Westminster attack was “revenge against western military action” police reveal

Dr. Salman Butt 8 Min Read

Security services have revealed that the Westminster attacker’s motive was “revenge against western military action against Muslim countries in the Middle East.”

UKIP says niqab is banned in Makkah on BBC

Editor 3 Min Read

Many people may have been thankful that the usual idiotic demagoguery using Muslims as a political football had been noticeably absent in the general election campaign. That was, until UKIP opened their

Today Turkey Votes Yes or No

Haneef Ibn Ahmad 12 Min Read

The run-up to today's referendum has caused the veil to slip from many European states and "journalists" revealing their contempt for Turks and fears of a strong Muslim nation...

The Times’ failed attack against Mend is good news

Dr. Salman Butt 17 Min Read

Every now and then, a servile Islamophobic journalist whips up a hatchet job so embarrassing that even their newspapers seek to bury it in the middle somewhere or behind a subscription-only paywall

Trump administration bombed mosque then “targeted people as they were running away”

Editor 2 Min Read

Bilal Abdul Kareem reported hours ago for On The Ground News from Jena in northern Syria revealing the harrowing, calculated attack on a mosque by the US. In a recorded, unedited video