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Outrage over Douglas Murray’s anti-Muslim sermon on BBC Sunday Politics

Editor 5 Min Read

Muslims and non-Muslims alike have expressed outrage after the BBC Sunday Politics programme gave infamous ideologue Douglas Murray an unhindered short film to implicitly call for the “removal of Islam from the

What caused Ramadān 1438 declaration confusion?

Haneef Ibn Ahmad 9 Min Read

Following some unconfirmed news reports of the declaration of the beginning of the sacred month of Ramadān 1438, social media was flooded with messages of greetings to supposedly mark the ‘declaration’. Many

Saudi Supreme Court calls on Muslims to sight the crescent

Editor 3 Min Read

The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has called on Muslims in its jurisdictions to go out to sight the crescent of the sacred month of Ramadan, in an announcement

Explosion in Manchester, Katie Hopkins reported to police

Editor 3 Min Read

Despite such abhorrent reactions from those who seek to perpetuate fear, mistrust and violence, the people of Manchester displayed a noble solidarity with those affected by last nights tragic incident...

No, Trump did not give a speech on Islam to Muslims

Editor 5 Min Read

The attempt of the mainstream media to incite feelings of subjugation among Muslims by purportedly portraying Donald Trump as some kind of ‘Lecturer on Islam’ caused a mixed reaction among Muslims and

World marks 69th year of Nakba – Palestinian exodus

Editor 3 Min Read

"Over the course of 69 years, the occupation has succeeded in killing and imprisoning Palestinians, but has failed to break the determination in embodying the dream of a state and of return."