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Babri Mosque case: India’s Supreme Court grants disputed site to Hindus

News Editor 8 Min Read

In a provocative ruling on Saturday, India's Supreme Court granted Hindus control over the controversial and much-disputed religious site in the town of Ayodhya.

General Election: Investigation finds Hindu nationalists spreading anti-Labour propaganda

Abdullah Izzadin 6 Min Read

“If the entire Indian community in the UK votes Tory, we will see a swing of around 40 seats to the Tories. This will swing the actual election result.”

Pakistan protests: Calls for PM Imran Khan to resign

Hamad Momin 5 Min Read

Protests in Pakistan spark differences of opinion. Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised that he will not resign, as thousands of people across the country continue to demonstrate…

Indian occupation open fire on civilians in Kashmir

Abdullah Izzadin 3 Min Read

Victims include women and children as three killed and eight injured in what is said to be an “indiscriminate and unprovoked” attack by Indian occupation forces

Mufti Taqi Usmani tops Muslim500 list of 2020

Hamza Saleem 3 Min Read

Mufti Taqi Usmani has been named as the most influential Muslim personality in the world.

Imran Khan warns UN of Indian “bloodbath” in Kashmir 

Muhammad Mussa 4 Min Read

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Pakistani PM accuses Modi of “cruelty” in Kashmir