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Daily Mail apologises to Sh Khaled Fikry

Editor 2 Min Read

Alhamdulillah eventually the truth has prevailed and the Daily Mail has apologised for Katie Hopkins' outrageous lie about yet another Muslim scholar. Our congratulations go to Shaikh Dr Khalid Fikry and his

New report criticises BBC’s biased and “misleading” Aleppo coverage

Editor 4 Min Read

A Syrian advocacy and community organisation Rethink Rebuild Society has released a report today in response to numerous and long-standing complaints from members of the Syrian community regarding the BBC’s coverage of

“UK must apologise for Balfour Declaration” – Important Petition

Editor 2 Min Read With the meeting of Donald Trump with Benjamin Netanyahu dominating many headlines this week, a petition has been launched for the United Kingdom to lead peace efforts in Palestine, due to

Fresh calls for charity commission to investigate Henry Jackson Society

Editor 3 Min Read

The charity commission has received fresh complaints from members of the public regarding the infamous neoconservative “thinktank” Henry Jackson Society. HJS are no strangers to Muslims and activists due to the extreme

Neo-Nazi who made pipe bomb – acquitted of “preparation of terror acts”

Editor 3 Min Read

A neo-Nazi teenager who made a home-made pipe bomb has been sentenced to a three-year youth rehabilitation order. The 17-year-old from Bradford, who cannot be named, was also ordered to receive intensive

Prevent designed to censor academic freedom

Editor 7 Min Read

The government’s Prevent duty has come under fire again after it was revealed that King’s College London, one of Britain’s most prestigious universities, had warned its students and staff that their emails