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“I thought Muslims wanted to take over. But then…”

Editor 1 Min Read Click above to watch the video Are Muslims taking over the UK? This former member of the EDL thought so, until something remarkable happened. A former member of the far right

Pro-Israel group ordered to pay Islam Channel CEO 140k for libel

Editor 4 Min Read

High Court judge Sir David Eady has ordered the pro-Israel group Stand For Peace to pay £140,000 in damages after wrongfully labelling Islam Channel’s founder as a “convicted terrorist”. The landmark ruling

Muslim organisations respond to Westminster attack

Editor 3 Min Read

Muslim organisations based in London have been among those on the forefront offering condolences to victims and calling for logic and reason to prevail over angry mobs, following yesterday's tragic events. Mend

London Attack – opportunism at its worst

Nabeel Akhtar 8 Min Read

Rolling “mainstream” media coverage has been doing its part to strike fear into the people of London since a crazed man ran over pedestrians in Westminster before stabbing a police officer to

[BREAKING] UK announces Trump-style ban on flights from several Muslim countries

Editor 8 Min Read

In a move of apparently exceptional stupidity, the UK government has issued a ban on electronic devices in cabin luggage for planes headed here from several Muslim countries. After the move, terrorists