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Zionist forces seize flotilla carrying Gaza wounded

Hamad Momin 2 Min Read

The flotilla was carrying at least 25 patients, students and activists. Activists say that they have lost all communication with the flotilla...

Petitions slamming Israel picking up support

Ahmad Jomaa 5 Min Read

Petitions are calling for restrictions to be imposed on Israel for “violations of human rights and international law”. Whilst Israeli Supreme Court and lawmakers work to give IDF more leeway…

Zionist Member of Parliament Harasses Families of Imprisoned Palestinians

Editor 5 Min Read

A Zionist Member of Parliament in Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party, Oren Hazan, criticised over fraudulent dealings, involvement in substance abuse, being a womaniser and possessing bigoted opinions, has verbally harassed Palestinian families

Al-Aqsa Imam Leads Ayia Sophia Fajr Prayer Marking of ‘Istanbul’s’ 564th Anniversary

Editor 4 Min Read Thousands of Turks attended Fajr prayers on the morning of Saturday 13th of May at the square of the famous Ayia Sophia in Istanbul to commemorate the 564th anniversary of the

Erdogan: “We will not allow the Adhan to be stopped in Al-Aqsa!”

Editor 3 Min Read

Amidst silence on the part of most Muslim states, President Erdogan has blasted the Zionist entity for its systematic desecration of Masjid al-Aqsa and its attempt to 'Judaise' one of Islam's three

Palestinian Hunger Strike Enters 21st Day

Editor 2 Min Read

Today is the 21st day that some 1500 Palestinians detained in Israeli jails have been on hunger strike. According to the media committee set up by 'Idraab al-Karaamah' or the 'Strike of