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Coronavirus: European mosques call to prayer in solidarity during crisis

Hamza Saleem 3 Min Read

Almost 100 mosques throughout Germany and the Netherlands called out the ādhan (Muslim call to prayer) from its loudspeakers as a gesture of goodwill and support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter deletes thousands of fake accounts linked to Saudi and Egyptian regime

Abdullah Izzadin 4 Min Read

“The media group created inauthentic accounts to amplify messaging critical of Iran, Qatar and Turkey. Information we gained externally indicates it was taking direction from the Egyptian government.”

Coronavirus: Sri Lanka forces Muslims to cremate victims

Sana Mahmood 6 Min Read

Human rights groups and activists have accused the Sri Lankan government of forcing the cremation of Muslim victims, disregarding guidelines set by the World Health Organisation.

Coronavirus: Muslim organisations respond to crisis through volunteering initiatives

News Editor 8 Min Read

As the world continues to react to the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Muslim activists and institutions are responding by providing more and more volunteer initiatives across the UK, alhamdulillāh.

Coronavirus: UK’s chief scientific adviser says measures “making a difference”

Hamza Saleem 8 Min Read

A former director of the World Health Organization (WHO) echoed the “good news” saying that the “the virus is cornered” and “it has nowhere to go and will burn out.”

Three Muslim doctors first to sacrifice their lives while fighting COVID-19

Hamza Saleem 8 Min Read

Islam21c would like to offer its heartfelt condolences to the families of three great heroes who sacrificed their lives whilst helping those affected by COVID-19 in the UK. May Allāh accept them