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One God Many Names | Al-Ahad (The Only One)

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 40 Min Read

The fact that the name al-Aḥad only features once in the Qur’an may, in the estimation of some, render it to be of lesser importance in comparison to other names of Allah

What Does Your Life Revolve Around?

Najma Juneja 12 Min Read

Every single one of us has been brought up with our own set of principles. This means that we all have our own version of what is wrong and right, which is

You Before Me: The Antidote to Individualism

Mohammed Burhan Uddin 19 Min Read

Burhan Uddin dissects an incident from the life of the Messenger ﷺ to better understand the principles surrounding the quality of sacrifice by preferring the needs of others over ourselves.

Four Imams | Legacies Like No Other

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 22 Min Read

The talents and interests of people vary. What is key, however, is that one gathers one’s thoughts, ambitions, talents, time, and resources, then devises a clear plan to invest these for the

Is Free Will to Blame for Human Suffering?

Najma Juneja 9 Min Read

In every situation where someone is oppressed, Allah is ever watchful. Not a thing escapes His notice from what people do on this Earth. And if you, dear reader, have ever been

How to Unify a Fractured Nation

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 19 Min Read

There are only a limited number of individuals who truly grasp the extent of the Shariah’s emphasis on achieving Muslim unity, let alone the fewer persons who actively strive towards it with