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The Theory of “Radicalisation”

The Theory of Evolution Radicalisation

There are rumblings, feelings of disquiet and downright rebellion within the British Muslim community at present. ‘What?’ – I hear you ask, could ever be the matter with a community which rarely gets ruffled or seldom exercise their democratic right to protest.  In fact, not since the Rushdie affair in the eighties, have we seen the levels of disquiet that we are currently seeing at the moment.  The source of all the agitation, social media chatter and endless community meetings is the government’s Prevent Strategy.

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The government’s counter terrorism strategy ‘Contest’, of which ‘Prevent’ is one part, has been a source of contention for the best part of ten years now.[1] In the early years ‘Preventing Violent Extremism’ (PVE), was barely understood. It was seen as another government initiative which offered ‘perceived’ benefits as well as the obvious disadvantages. However, the money offered through PVE was welcomed by a few Muslims, as some organisations closed their eyes to the small print and, excusing the pun, stuck their snout into the proverbial trough. However, this was short lived, and the tide has very much turned.

The Muslim community have, on the whole, turned on the government strategy. The strategy clearly discriminates against Muslims and Islām, and very much sees the Muslim community as the enemy within.[2] Recent legislation now even makes it a statutory requirement on all public organisations to implement Prevent. It is the only element of ‘counter-terrorism’ and in fact ‘criminal justice’ which puts a level of responsibility on organisations such as schools and children’s homes. As a result, we have seen leading Muslims and Muslim organisations sign statements condemning Prevent, the once putative Lord Mayor of Birmingham described Prevent as racist and called for its boycott, and 280 academics and NUS members call for Prevent to be abolished.[3]

Well the key question is: What is all the fuss about? Surely a great nation such as the United Kingdom has the right to protect itself from terrorists?  Well, let us very briefly analyse the strategy itself.

Prevent is one element of the Contest Strategy, implemented in 2006 and revised in 2011.  The Contest document itself consists of 125 pages.[4]  A staggering 124 of the 125 pages talks about Islamic terrorism.  A few paragraphs mention Northern Ireland and the Far-Right, however both are very swiftly negated through the Good Friday Agreement and their perceived lack of organisation respectively.  In fact, all reference to Northern Ireland has been removed from the revised Prevent Duty Guidance 2015.[5]  Hence, therein lies the answer when a bigoted racist argues – ‘if all Muslims are not terrorists, then why are all terrorists Muslim?’  Well ‘my dear Watson’, even with limited powers of deduction it is not hard to determine that only Muslims apparently meet the popular government and media criteria to be called a terrorist.

Moreover the Prevent Strategy introduces a ‘theory’, without any basis, evidence or scientific justification.  In fact, the irony is that it is not even called a ‘theory’, it is presented as fact.  This is the so called ‘theory’ of Radicalisation:

Radicalisation is the process by which an individual, and by inference a Muslim, becomes a terrorist.

The government has shied away from defining the term precisely however its practical application has shown it to correlate with Islamic norms and practises.[6] No other type of offending, such as rape, murder or arson, have a clearly identified or proven pathway, however, astonishingly, terrorism does. The radicalisation theory, unlike Darwin’s theory of evolution which has been used to suggest that life started from nothing, infers that the evolution of a terrorist starts with a Muslim.

Not satisfied with the levels of scrutiny already imposed on Muslims and the effective demonisation of an entire community, the government intends to make its first foray into the state intervention of religion.  From David Cameron’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in October 2015, and a recent government consultation, it is clear that the state intends to establish an inspection process for all out-of-school education provision, primarily Islamic madrassas.[7]

It all seems to be coming to a head now. Far from being a clash of civilisations it is becoming a clash with government policy. The government needs to re-examine its counter-terrorism strategy carefully and decide whether or not it is fit for purpose.  No jury is out to make that decision for the government, however the Muslim community have overwhelmingly delivered their judgement.

Source: www.islam21c.com


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About Mukhtar Master

Mukhtar Master has a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology and has worked in Local Government as a manager for over 20 years. He has been active for many years in the local political scene and also the anti-war movement in the UK.


  1. The TROLLS have craweld out again! Cmon Ton find a real job?

  2. Your prophet set a very bad example . But it is a great study in how cults can destroy civilizations.

  3. And what is sunni radical anyway ?
    Couple weeks ago in one camp here is been fight between immigrants. One women remove hijab and somebody try to beat her.
    These people escaping from ISIS, came to Europe, and beating women for removing hijab ? And ISIS are radicals ?
    And these are moderate sunni who we must protect from ISIS ?

    Cultural Marxists teach us how Breivik is natural consequence of Western racism, white fascism, colonialism etc.
    And jihadists are basically good people but they are provoked by Israel, repressed, poor (Bin Laden was millionaire).

    Here we have one local Islamic website, they are supporters of Taliban, All Qaeda and Nusra front. They not show minimum empathy to Yazidi or Syrian Christians. They say ISIS is bad because have different interpretation of sunni theology and killing Al Nusra fighters. They showing picture ISIS fighters with trophy – 4 cut off head of Nusra Front fighters sprinkled with acid. 5000 killed Yazidi is not a problem.
    They supporting killing infidels using example of Muhammad who killed all men from Benu Kurais Jewish tribe and sell theirs women on slave market.
    They have “hadiths about contraception” for selling infidel slave girls. Muslims can’t use contraception with wifes because Islam need more warriors for jihad but can with infidel slave girls because pregnancy could down her price on slave market.

    Here on Balkan ( brown) Ottomans enslaved local (white) mostly Slavic population. (after centuries of tournantes local population not so white anymore).
    In rebellion in early 19. century some rebellion forces are surrounded on fortified hill and attacked by waves off jihadists.
    When most defenders are dead their commander Stevan Sindjelic fired bullet in gunpowder storage and blown up himself and hundreds of Ottomans. After battle Ottomans cut heads from dead rebels and build “Tower of sculls” as most famous monument of Islam on Balkan.
    And now I must believe how “radicalization” is something new ?
    And Merkel say how they will integrate into Europe and everything will be fine ?
    Lets we all be optimistic about future in multicultural Europe !

    There is old expression from Ottomans time:
    “cut off head rolling down the road and think about bad times who will came”

    • Woah… Looks like intelligent people have their work cut out if such ignorant, incoherent (and self-contradictory) myths are being actually believed let alone repeated…

  4. If the tide has turned as the author believes, there is very little grass roots awareness to show for it. There is hardly any khutba in the land that talks about these issues. So where has the awakening come from, I wonder? The khutbas I attend tend to be condescending and ingratiating, avoiding any instruction of inculcating justice in society and helping the oppressed. However, I hope the author is right and that there is awakening in progress, otherwise there will remain no Islam in Britain in twenty years time. Islam will become a religion that Blair and Bush wanted it to be – in name only; subservient to their political ideology and not to Almighty Allah the creator of all.

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