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The case for military intervention in Gaza

The so-called Israel Defense Forces is behind this ongoing genocide, but who makes up the real Zionist Defence Force?

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What the Ukraine-Russia Conflict Tells Muslims About Their Status in the West

Muslim journalist Dilly Hussain shares implicit messages from the political and media establishment on the status and worth of Muslims in the West

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Moroccan authorities accused of betraying Ertuğrul’s people

Studies have shown that the Wumao previously posted 488 million social media comments yearly. They have to pay people to post propaganda, yet it costs us nothing to post the truth.

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Reviver of 20th Century Jihad | Abdullah Azzam

Had Sheikh Abdullāh Azzam been alive today, would the following have happened? Would there have been a 9/11? Would there have been ISIS? Would young Muslim men be travelling to Syria for ‘Jihad’ armed with boxes full of condoms? It is unlikely.

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Authors of new extremism report have no independence or credibility

Last week, the Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) published a report calling on the Government for more laws to tackle extremism. But we have too many already.

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Speaking Truth to Power

The problem is not the unjust power, but rather the society that condones their rule by staying silent

Tariq Ibn Ziyad: Invader or Liberator?

"...the Muslims were welcomed by a large proportion of the ruling aristocracy and the Jews."

Hajj: Striving in the Path of Allāh

When one considers the purpose of the Hajj and the rituals that are involved in performing it, it becomes quite apparent that a Hajji is in the same state of mind as the Mujāhid.

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Deliberating Nine Decades of Islamic Activism

The Muslim Brotherhood is today commemorating 90 years since its founding