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International Union of Muslim Scholars elects new Chairman

The organisation—which brings together over 1500 Scholars from all over the world—elected a new Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed al-Raissouni, succeeding Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi after announcing that this is the last time he will chair the meeting.

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Court rules insulting the Prophet ﷺ is not free speech

Austrian woman loses seven-year court battle as European Court of Human Rights rule that insulting Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is not excused by hiding behind the right to free speech

The Jamal Khashoggi murder: latest updates

The Saudi narrative continues to develop amidst an almost-daily release of new evidence...

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United Nations: Yemen on brink of “worst famine in a century”

13 million civilians are in danger of dying...

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Tariq Ramadan Case: another accuser’s story “collapses”

Tariq Ramadan’s rape accuser’s story has collapsed after text messages found on Christell’s phone which “prove there has never been rape”

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Christian family bakery wins Supreme Court appeal over “gay cake” case

The most expensive cake in the world?

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MEND co-hosts fringe event at Labour Party Conference: ‘Media Manipulation of Minorities and Other Press Abuses’

“We will never be champions of a press which is the mouthpiece of the mighty. We believe in fair and accountable regulation”.

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Well-known Markaz Takwin al-Ulama shutdown by Mauritanian authorities

Sheikh Dido: a surprise with no cause or justification

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UAE allegedly aiding Chinese persecution of Uyghur Muslims

UAE police said to have randomly arrested Sharjah resident working as a muazzin, in order to send the Chinese national to Xingjiang’s notorious “concentration camps” following recent strategic agreement between the two nations

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Muslim mothers successfully fight back against Prevent to keep their children

A new CAGE report has been released exposing the continued use of discredited pseudo-science used to take Muslim children away from parents, helping families fight back to challenge Prevent and stay together.