Conference season shows the looming Brexit showdowns will be brutal

Party conference season has come and about to go. It is a time where the internal politics of each party are laid bare as members and supporters from across the country all congregate in a central location once a year. A melting pot of differing factions and views if you

Muslims need to have their say on Brexit – before Boris becomes the norm

Boris’ blunders may have faded away from the news cycle, but if we do not push daily for our rights and interests, Boris is just the beginning...

Whilst the Establishment are away, people power takes a lead on Brexit

"The will of the people has changed and will continue to change as the realities of Brexit are discovered."

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As a Muslim, I feel compelled to back a People’s Vote on Brexit

The Brexit vote caused many problems for Muslims in the UK - Bashir Ibrahim argues it is time their voice is heard through a People's Vote