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Israeli blockade of Gaza causing untold famine

The world must castigate the Zionist regime as its genocide is causing famine and disease to take hold of Gaza.

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Ramadan Q&A with Sh Haitham al-Haddad

Sh Haitham al-Haddad answers YOUR questions about Ramadān

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Who are the world’s forgotten refugees?

Watch the One-on-One Big Discussion to learn their story

Within the Palace of Qārūn

Time and time again, life gives us examples of families producing individuals with completely different objectives in life; or rather, polar opposite personalities. The family of Mūsā was one such example, for it too produced some of the greatest prophets, Mūsā and Hārūn, and also produced some of the worst

The Heroes of Ramadān

The Ramadan of those most in need; a lesson of strength and resilience.

All About Zakāh Featured Islamic Law Latest Islamic 3 Min Read

Sh Haitham: Zakat CANNOT be used for…

The common misconception of "killing two birds with one stone" using Zakat

All About Zakāh Featured Islamic Law Latest Islamic 2 Min Read

Sh Haitham on Zakat: Local vs Abroad

There has been a lot of talk about giving Zakat locally. Sh Haitham explains the fiqh behind the decision.

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Turkey Ranked Second in the World for Most Humanitarian Aid

The Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2017 reveals that, as well as being the provider of the second largest amount of humanitarian assistance, Turkey provides the most humanitarian assistance as percentage of gross national income...

Who are the truly needy?

We are always told to "feed the needy", but Charity Right's Azim Kidwai asks this Ramadān: who is really in need?

“Charity Begins at Home”

Yusuf Patel takes a critical look at Muslim discourse surrounding charitable spending in the UK and abroad. Does charity really begin "at home"?