Prince Harry, self-proclaimed chess player and killer of 25 Afghans

Prince Harry has done the unthinkable: revealing his alleged kill-count in Afghanistan. How can he restore his image?

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Contrasts drawn between slain Chris Kaba & disgraced Prince Andrew

Days apart, a Black man was killed by the police, while Prince Andrew's heckler was charged with breach of the peace. Who do the police really work for?

Should Muslims Sing “God Save the King”?

Muslims shouldn't feel compelled to honour the monarchy.

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King Charles III and Islam

Throughout the years King Charles III has shown his appreciation of Islam. Here are a few times the King has praised Islam.

Royal Visit to Cape Town Muslims

The Royal visit to Cape Town spotlights the vastness of Islam, even – and especially – in times when we are under pressure

“Did you convert just to please the in-laws?”

There is a question Muslim reverts are always asked that make our toes curl...