Aneesah Rasheed

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Contrasts drawn between slain Chris Kaba & disgraced Prince Andrew

9 Min Read

Days apart, a Black man was killed by the police, while Prince Andrew's heckler was charged with breach of the peace. Who do the police really work for?

Should Muslims be Happy Liz Truss is the New Prime Minister?

6 Min Read

Should Muslims care about who our new Prime Minister is? Does it benefit us?

Hindutva Rioters Attack Local Muslims in Leicester 

7 Min Read

On Saturday night Hindutva thugs marched through the streets of Leicester to violently provoke and taunt local Muslims.

King Charles III and Islam

12 Min Read

Throughout the years King Charles III has shown his appreciation of Islam. Here are a few times the King has praised Islam.

How Should Muslims View the Death of Queen Elizabeth II?

10 Min Read

Sh Haitham al-Haddad on how Muslims should react at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Four Muslim Men Killed In Ambush Attacks

6 Min Read

The Muslim community in Albuquerque has been left shaken, as four South Asian Muslim men were ambushed and killed.

Pakistan Hit With Devastating Floods

8 Min Read

Devastating floods have left a third of Pakistan under water. Officials have stated this year’s floods are on par with those of 2010, the worst on record, and on August 26th Pakistan declared the flooding's a national emergency.

French state condemned for anti-Muslim hysteria – Rishi Sunak should take note

6 Min Read

European governments continue their attack on Islam