Sri Lanka Crisis: A Warning To Islamophobes Everywhere

The demonisation of Muslims as an electoral strategy is bound to failure.

The Maulana for the Millions | Abul A’la Maududi

Although many know him as the founder of one of the original and most influential Islamic revivalist movements, Jamaat-e-Islami, did you know that Maulana Maududi was also part of establishing and running the Islamic University of Madinah?

The ethnic cleansing of Muslims 30 years ago that few remember

The Muslim community were not aliens but were there for 1,000 years. But that did not stop the 'Nakba' of 30 years ago

Muslims in Sri Lanka are Under Siege

"There is a volcano waiting to explode..."

Easter Sunday Massacre in Sri Lanka

A devious attempt to rekindle racist fires.

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Sri Lanka’s 1000-year-old Muslim community is the latest target of Buddhist nationalism

Imported and manufactured Islamophobia is making one of Sri Lanka's oldest communities feel besieged in their own home...