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FOSIS Urge Muslim Students to Lead a Disaffiliation Campaign Against the NUS for Institutional Islamophobia

Maira Mirza 4 Min Read

FOSIS urge Muslims to disaffiliate with the NUS following the Islamophobic and racial discrimination of NUS President Shaima Dallali.

French state condemned for anti-Muslim hysteria – Rishi Sunak should take note

Aneesah Rasheed 6 Min Read

European governments continue their attack on Islam

Sri Lanka Crisis: A Warning To Islamophobes Everywhere

Dr Izzadeen Chowdhury 20 Min Read

The demonisation of Muslims as an electoral strategy is bound to failure.

We Cannot Defeat Islamophobia Without Defeating Zionism 

Imran Shah 11 Min Read

If we only focus on Islamophobia, we will lose the fight against both Islamophobia and Palestine. But if we focus on Zionism itself, we have a chance to win both battles. 

Jailed for 1 year after Facebook post calling for targeted Massacre of Muslims

Editor 4 Min Read

Keegan Jakovlevs has been sentenced to a year in jail after calling for a reckless genocide of Muslims on Facebook. The 22-year-old admitted posting the message with the intention to stir up

Is LBC’s firing of Katie enough to combat Nazi ‘Solutions’?

Abdullāh Ladadwi 6 Min Read

In 1942, a sequence of events eventually culminated in the extermination of nearly 6 million Jewish men, women and children; and it all began with the euphemistically termed “Final Solution” to the