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No Ramadan in East Turkestan

Chinese authorities continue to oppress the Uyghurs during Ramadan, where they're forced to abandon fasting, arrested for learning Islamic knowledge, and children are kidnapped for indoctrination.

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The People Declare China Guilty of Genocide

“The allegations are of the gravest human rights violations and international crimes,” said Sir Geoffrey Nice, the tribunal’s chair.

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10 things you can do for Uyghurs right now

"We are not in charge of the outcome," writes Dr Salman Butt, "but our main concern should be doing whatever is in our ability and our sphere of influence, so that we may have an excuse before Allāh..."

The Betrayal of the Uyghurs ft. Sh Yasir Qadhi & Arslan Hidayat | Unscripted #69

In today's podcast we have a special opportunity with Sh Yasir Qadhi and Arslan Hidayat enlightening us on what is really happening, and more importantly, what WE can do to fulfil our obligations towards our brothers and sisters in East Turkestan.

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China bans Qur’ans and prayer mats

Hand over your Qur'an or risk jail...