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A concerned Muslim with an interest in international law, domestic and foreign policy, history and contemporary ideologies and thinking such as neoconservatism and secularism and their impact on society and in particular Islam and Muslims.
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I’m Worried About Abuse Against Prevent-walas

9 Min Read

Prevent is a Trojan Horse by Michael Gove & Peter Clarke’s own standards, and its practitioners are not happy...

How can Muslims work for Prevent after this damning report from the People’s Review of Prevent?

8 Min Read

"With the publishing of the People’s Review of Prevent report, the situation where Muslims work for or facilitate Prevent is no longer tenable."

“Burkini” – A Look at Modernity’s Domination and Control

25 Min Read

I have been avoiding the “burkini” debacle for a while as I have posted on the topic of veiling and the French colonialist fetish for denuding women before. But as France continues to embarrass itself by bullying women into stripping in a public spectacle, red herrings about Islam, women and “morality” have dominated the discourse. The aim of these discourses is not protecting women from such harassment, but undermining the very tenets of Islam. The French comedy-cum-horror show reached a head with the now familiar image of a woman being forced by four courageous male police officers to remove her

Is the ‘CVE’ Industry the New Imperialism?

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Globalising 'Countering Violent Extremism' - The New Imperialism? “We could favour the birth of a new Islam, more inclined towards compromise and tolerance of Europe; to encourage the young generation of ulama who are working in that direction…” ~ French Colonialist, Edmond Douttee, 1901. “It is the modernists whose vision matches our own.  Of all the groups, this one is the most congenial to the values and the spirit of modern democratic society.” ~ (Former) wife of US neocon Zalmay Khalilzad, Cheryl Bernard, 2003. “We’re now going to actively encourage the reforming and moderate Muslim voices.” ~ British PM David Cameron, Speech on Extremism,

Islam is Not up for Negotiation

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The “reform”-deform project has been engaged post-War on Terror on the pretext that, following the doctrine of pre-emption, there is, in the words of Douglas Murray, a “problem with Islam” because a Muslim has behaved in an (ironically, un-Islamic) unsavoury manner.  This logical bent has seen funded voices clamouring to present their unique version of Islām and issue the call to deform Islām into one which is concomitantly subservient to Western hegemonic interests. The Intellectual Failure of Deconstructing Islām Neocons and various deformists normally associated with the counter-extremism organisations project a concerted effort to inject uncertainty in Islām through postmodernist deconstructionism. This has given rise

Warmonger Myths: Bosnia

15 Min Read

Anyone with a passing acquaintance with neocon ideology is well aware of the formidable feats of moral gymnastics used to justify perpetual war and endless conflict abroad. Yesterday’s ten-hour-long “debate” in the House of Commons saw a barrage of rehearsed recitations on the need for dropping bombs on Syria, which according to apparently the whole world apart from the Westminster village and securocrats, is a move guaranteed to increase terrorism. Among the litany of invocations neocons use to justify military adventures abroad which, by fortunate coincidence, happen only to enrich Western arms corporations many of them are linked to, is

The REAL threat to Britain

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With David Cameron arguing a case for more warfare this morning in Parliament based on the alleged 'existential threat' ISIS/Daesh poses to us, 'Abd Allāh Nūr al-Dīn highlights a much more insidious and proven threat to the fabric of British society. Over the last year and half, I have explicated in detail the views and propensities propagated by neoconservatism and its proponents. What has happened in the US and what has been articulated by the neoconservative thinkers has been keenly followed and articulated through narratives here in the UK. From the blueprints of the policies we are experiencing today, such

#ChapelHillShooting: The Media Complicity in the Murder of Muslim Student

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#ChapelHillShooting: The Media Complicity in the Murder of Muslim Student #MuslimLivesMatter In North Carolina, US, on the 10th of February 2015, three young Muslim students were shot by their white, atheist neighbour, Craig Stephen Hicks, in the head. The killings are symptoms of the tenebrific propaganda which has been relentlessly lightening the blood of Muslims over the decade. The impact of it is such that the usually fleet-footed media which pulls no punches in dropping “extremists”, “terrorists” and “radicals” into their rapid-fire reports, lumbered slowly into motion a day or so after the killing. As noted by a writer in

Tony Blair declaring war on Islam

21 Min Read

Despite the fact that Tony Blair has lost credibility amongst the masses, his Tony Blair Faith Foundation has operations in 30 Middle Eastern and African countries where it exports his thinking and has recently discussed domestic policies which strike a disturbing semblance with existing strategies in place.  As such I felt it necessary to write a series of pieces on Tony Blair, the neoconservative “persuasion” embedded in his rhetoric, and his proclamations which are reflected in his recent essay which seeks to implement more broadly the contemporary neocon Western foreign policy. Click here to read Part 1: The “Original Neocon”

Tony Blair: The neocon threat to the world

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  Click here to read Part 1: The “Original Neocon” Part 2: Concealing the Machiavellian “Force and Fraud” Deflecting Foreign Policy For Blair, the elephant in the room, Western foreign policy, has little to do with the violence in Iraq. The previously peacefully coexisting Sunnis and Shia are now, post-Iraq war, at each other’s throats.  Perhaps the incident of 19th September 2005 can shed some light on this. On this day two undercover British SAS operatives, dressed in traditional Arab garb, were planning to set off bombs in the main square in Basra, coinciding with a religious event. They were caught