Dr. Salman Butt

Dr. Butt studied Biochemistry at Imperial College London, followed by a PhD in Chemical Biology, carrying out research into photosynthesis. During his years at university, he became involved in Islamic society da'wah and activism, and general Muslim community projects. At present, he is the Head of Islamic Thought and a regular contributor at Islam21c, and also has a blog on HuffPost. You may find him on social media.
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#ParisAttack – Don’t Let The War Profiteers Win

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“This is an act of war.” “We are at war with an ideology.” “Islam needs a reformation.” “Send these people and their families into concentration camps on one of the islands off the coast of Scotland.” “We should force feed them pork products.” “This is an attack on all of us.” I have been listening to and reading responses to the recent attacks on Parisian civilians from various sectors of society over the last day or so. Times like these simultaneously shake your faith in the intelligence and integrity of humans, whilst giving you a glimmer of hope. The majority of responses I have heard or

I was wrong; the government’s definition of ‘Extremism’ is genius

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Reflections on yet another Counter-Extremism Strategy – Part 1 The government’s new Counter-Extremism Strategy released in a report yesterday has already provoked a barrage of criticism and ridicule. Again. As expected, numerous rational people have been criticising not only its paradoxical and draconian nature, but the increasingly embarrassing lack of any cogent definition of ‘Extremism’ that the entire thing really depends on. The Muslim Council of Britain—Britain’s largest representative Muslim organisation—released a very critical press release, challenging the Prime Minster’s apparently sensationalist accusations about mosques “where extremist meetings have taken place”: “Do such mosques really exist and by whose definition

Netanyahu slips through UK border Control

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ACTION ALERT: Protest today 9th September outside Downing Street 11am-1pm There has been a lot of rhetoric around the refugees fleeing into Europe recently, with the iconic picture of the drowned Syrian baby prompting even the most hard-hearted politicians and media outlets to water down their anti-“migrant” (read: refugee) rhetoric. Almost everyone knows of this poor child’s preventable death, but how many know about Ali Saad, the 18-month old toddler who was burnt to death—along with his parents, rahimahumullāh—by Israeli settlers only weeks ago? They were just one of swathes of Palestinian families routinely terrorised by illegal settlers in territory illegally and

Wealth does NOT mean Allah loves you

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One Friday as I dropped my son off to school I noticed a group of three boys talking. One said to the others, pointing at a shiny Mercedes, “Look at my dad’s car,” at which they all looked very impressed. Two of them then turned to the third, smirking, and asked what car his father drives. He looked slightly embarrassed as they reminded him jovially of his father’s Nissan Micra. Although it looked as though he took it on the chin as just a bit of brotherly banter, this bitterly reminded me of what was going to be my khutbah topic

“Extremism” Disruption Orders: Protecting freedom by removing it

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Introduction That those who wish to do you harm lack the competence to carry out their wishes is something that you might pray for. Recently we have noticed an astonishing lack of sophistication among some neoconservative ideologues and politicians, as if a gift from Allāh (subhānahu wa ta’ālā), suggesting that they might just lack the requisite subtlety and intelligence required to successfully execute their desired 'Cold War against Islām’ without annoying hordes of other people. It used to be that the mishaps of the clumsy War on Terror concerned mainly Muslims, and almost never reached the mainstream media. Now, however,

Post Election Analysis: now the real work starts

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Post Election Analysis: now the real work starts England lost, Scotland won Upon seeing the blued England on the election result maps, many have been covering a sense of woe with jokes about moving to Scotland. On first impression it seems like the politics of hysterical terror-alert fears and immigrant-bashing has won swathes of converts and pushed England and Wales to the right. However, upon further analysis of the results, things do not look quite as bleak. Overall the Conservative party gained a razor sharp majority of 12 seats, meaning they only got six more than the minimum 325 needed

Apathetic Muslim?

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It’s that time again… Parliament has been dissolved. Political parties are in full-blown campaign mode. Mud is being slung, promises are being made, battle lines are being drawn. Over the next few weeks leading up to the 2015 general election in May many people will be talking about who to try and get elected and who to try and avoid getting elected. Many people will be discussing policies, manifestos, the future of the NHS and Britain’s future in Europe and beyond. Most Muslims, however, will probably not. If previous elections are anything to go by, for most of us it

What do Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ISIS have in common?

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بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله What do Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ISIS have in common? Another book attacking Islām and Muslims—automatic bestseller Controversial anti-Islām activist and ideologue Ayaan Hirsi Ali has recently been given generous airtime once again promoting her new book, Heretic: Why Islām Needs a Reformation Now. In this episode she outlines five areas in which she believes Islām is in urgent need of reform: the status of the Qur’ān; the infallibility of the Prophet Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam); the emphasis of the hereafter over the ‘here-and-now’; jihād—which she tellingly refers to by

Was ‘Jihadi John’ radicalised by UK security services?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu1MabuI66M Was 'Jihadi John' radicalised by UK security services? The last few months have made it more and more difficult for those perpetuating the increasingly marginalised and mocked “conveyor belt theory” . This discredited theory was invented and propagated by those with an ideological animosity for Islam and Muslims, as well as those who wished to divert public attention away from the abhorrent activities of western political and security establishments, both abroad and at home, which have led to grievances built up across the rest of the world against “the west” ultimately precipitating in acts of violence. YOU SHOULD ALSO

In response to last night’s shocking BBC Panorama

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Last night my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing as I received message after message that apparently the BBC  were caught trying to subliminally smear a large segment of British Muslims. “Islam21c is on Panorama!” I already knew, but I was rewinding it again and again, making sure I was actually awake. I saw Muslim friends on social media expressing a similarly dazed disbelief at their own newfound otherness: “I can’t believe I was on Panorama...” Apparently we are non-violent extremists whose goal is to take over the country. And then the world. The cherry-picked interviewees, misquoted sound-bites and the ominous music had even