Dr. Salman Butt

Dr. Butt studied Biochemistry at Imperial College London, followed by a PhD in Chemical Biology, carrying out research into photosynthesis. During his years at university, he became involved in Islamic society da'wah and activism, and general Muslim community projects. At present, he is the Head of Islamic Thought and a regular contributor at Islam21c, and also has a blog on HuffPost. You may find him on social media.
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Muslims are taking over the country! One restaurant at a time…

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Background Despite an eventful news week full of murderous maniacs on the loose in London , 19,000 Barclays employees getting the boot and a few international crises to top it off , those attention-seeking Muslims seem to be at it again, filling our front pages, timelines and radio talk shows with this halal meat non-issue.  Again. The seemingly random alliances of radically different disenfranchised segments of society against Islamic symbols or practices is becoming somewhat of a lingering annoyance.  Whether it be what Muslims wear , where they choose to sit or what they eat, haters of different aspects bring

“When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?”

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Background The above question has been the subject of a lingering controversy over the last few weeks, spawning heated, emotional reactions from all quarters.  Two weeks ago, a mosque in Birmingham came under fire after hosting BBC Three’s “Free Speech” programme, for asking for a debate on the question not to take place there, allegedly due to threats to the safety of the venue.  It was decided that the debate be postponed for a fortnight later in a neutral venue, however this was predictably spun by those with a particular agenda as “censorship”, “making demands” and “special treatment for minorities”,

How should Muslims View Tony Benn’s death?

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After the battle of Badr, the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) said regarding 72 captives, “Had Mut’im b. ‘Aqiy been alive, and said to me one word regarding these captives, I would have set them all free for him.”  This is a decoration of honour that the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) gave to a man that died as an idol worshipper, because of his conduct and honourable service towards justice and truth, even though he was not guided to Islām.  Mut’im was involved in the Hilf al-Fuḍūl, where for the first time in pre-Islamic Arabia, the oppressed would be

“FGM”: The Latest Attempt to Dehumanise Muslims

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Moments after the vitriolic attack by the Daily Mail against Muslim families going to Legoland, it seems that the hate industry has swiftly moved on to something else to dehumanise Muslims.  In a seemingly last-ditch attempt, clutching at straws, the latest attempt to demonise Muslims has been in scapegoating local scholar, Dr Haitham al-Haddad for “supporting FGM” (female genital mutilation), by carefully redacted statements of Islam’s Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam) and Juristic traditions.  The proximity of the two campaigns could be indicative of (i) a coordinated attack against Muslims, (ii) some opportunistic bloggers trying to make a name for themselves,

Segregation and the Useful Idiot Paradigm

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Also read: Liberal & Progressive Left? Not Really Introduction This week a report published last month by Universities UK (UUK), a union representing the nation’s Higher Education institutions, has received fresh criticisms from a new and somewhat surprising type of adversary.  They published a report advising universities on procedures pertaining to hosting events with external speakers.  It advised based upon relevant existing laws, such as the Education Act and the Equalities Act, including a case study of religious societies providing voluntary specific seating for male and female attendees, advising particularly on how equality and free speech obligations interact in banning

The Extremism of David Cameron

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David Cameron has surprised the Muslim community once again by defending more measures designed to “tackle Islamist extremism”, based on the apparent utter obliviousness that we have all come to associate with career politicians.  His “Task Force on Tackling Radicalisation and Extremism”, set up after the death of Lee Rigby earlier this year, has this week published a report outlining fresh measures for “countering extremist narratives and ideology”, “preventing radicalisation”, “stopping extremism in institutions” and promoting “integration.” Although on paper these slogans might seem harmless to your everyday citizen, the report—which offers absolutely no evidence to back up its sweeping