Maira Mirza

Maira is the Research and Communications Officer at Human Aid & Advocacy. She previously worked as the Campaigns Co-ordinator and Editor at Islam21c. And before this, she achieved an undergraduate and post-graduate degree in Psychology from UCL. Maira has been active in advocating on behalf of persecuted and oppressed communities through her voluntary work at Lighthouse Advocacy, as well as co-ordinating the Stand4Uyghurs campaign, wherein she supported in mobilising the community to defend Uyghur Muslims who are being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. She aspires to be a researcher, analysing the state of Muslims being persecuted or oppressed across the globe for their faith.
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Islamophobia report exposes European governments’ complicity

8 Min Read

A recent report has exposed various European governments' complicity in ingraining Islamophobia into society.

Protests spread in China after Ürümqi inferno amidst zero-Covid policy

7 Min Read

Xi Jinping faces one of his biggest trials, after he recently began a third term as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

A gathering with Uyghur women on East Turkestan Independence Day

7 Min Read

Islam21c's Campaigns Co-ordinator, Maira Khan, writes about the recent East Turkestan Independence Day coffee morning.

FOSIS continues “Dismantling Islamophobia” tour despite institutional pushback

5 Min Read

FOSIS targeted with Islamophobia as it continues "Dismantling Islamophobia" university speaker tour.

Remembering the Second Islamic Republic of East Turkestan, 1944-49

7 Min Read

Uyghurs have shown resilience against Chinese occupation for over 100 years. We look at the Second Islamic Republic of Turkestan (1944-49).

Uyghur Legends: Shaykh Abdul Hakim Mahsum

5 Min Read

In this first article in the "Uyghur Legends" series, we look at the life of scholar, guide, and mentor, Shaykh Abdul Hakim Mahsum.

Reviving Uyghur History Week

2 Min Read

Did you know the first ever Islamic Republic in our Ummah’s history was established in East Turkestan?   Uyghur history is rich with stories of men and women who struggled and sacrificed for the sake of Allah against persecution and occupation. This week we are launching ‘Reviving Uyghur History Week’ in order to honour Uyghurs and their magnificent history! We will be shedding light on Uyghur legends, I.e. the great martyrs of the Ummah as well as more inspiring stories! The Islamic Republic of East Turkestan 1933 The first ever Islamic Republic in our Ummah's history! READ NOW Uyghur Legends: Shaykh

Remembering the First Islamic Republic of East Turkestan, 1933-34

5 Min Read

Uyghurs have shown resilience against Chinese occupation for over 100 years. We look at the First Islamic Republic of Turkestan (1934-35).

Self-proclaimed “huge Zionist” Liz Truss expresses intent to move British embassy to Jerusalem

5 Min Read

Liz Truss has hinted at moving Britain's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; find out what the MCB is doing to prevent this.

Tips to Get Through the Cost-of-Living Crisis

8 Min Read

Many of us will be heavily affected by the rise of costs, here are a few tips from Martin Lewis on how to be smart with your money.