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Uyghur Legends: Shaykh Abdul Hakim Mahsum

Maira Mirza 5 Min Read

In this first article in the "Uyghur Legends" series, we look at the life of scholar, guide, and mentor, Shaykh Abdul Hakim Mahsum.

Reviving Uyghur History Week

Maira Mirza 2 Min Read

Did you know the first ever Islamic Republic in our Ummah’s history was established in East Turkestan?   Uyghur history is rich with stories of men and women who struggled and sacrificed for

Remembering the First Islamic Republic of East Turkestan, 1933-34

Maira Mirza 5 Min Read

Uyghurs have shown resilience against Chinese occupation for over 100 years. We look at the First Islamic Republic of Turkestan (1934-35).

Self-proclaimed “huge Zionist” Liz Truss expresses intent to move British embassy to Jerusalem

Maira Mirza 5 Min Read

Liz Truss has hinted at moving Britain's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; find out what the MCB is doing to prevent this.

The UN has confirmed China’s war on Islam – how long will the Islamic world remain silent?

Abdulhakim Idris 11 Min Read

Uyghur leader Abdulhakim Idris says the conscience of the Islamic nation worldwide continues to bleed with the Uyghur Genocide, but how long will its leaders stay silent?

India: The Becoming of a Fascist and Islamophobic State

Maira Mirza 9 Min Read

How has the Indian government marginalised Muslims?