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Tribute to Mulana Qazi Hussain

Editor 3 Min Read

It is with great sadness and a deep sense of loss that we mourn the passing away of Qazi Hussain Ahmad, in the early hours of Sunday morning, January 6th 2013. Inna’

Condolences to Shaikh Ahmad Ali and His Family

Editor 3 Min Read

Allah the Most High declares, Wherever you are, death will overtake you, even if you be in lofty towers. Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you

Happy New Year?

Editor 3 Min Read

Although the New Year (as a phenomenon that is celebrated) should be insignificant to those of faith, unfortunately, many Muslims become caught up in celebrations that not only have nothing to do with

Alternative Vote: Advice for British Muslims

Editor 23 Min Read

Click here to download a copy of this Report. Executive Summary On 5th Mary 2011, a referendum will be held in the UK to ask voters whether they wish to change the

Important Advice in Light of the Veil Ban

Editor 11 Min Read

In light of the ongoing anti-veil agenda we the undersigned would like to present the following important advice to the Muslim community here in the UK, irrespective of school of thought, sect

Encouraging Qunoot for Muslims in Libya and Syria

Editor 8 Min Read

All praise is due to Allah, the One who hears both secret and whispered speech, and provides relief from calamity and misfortunePeace and blessings be upon the Chosen Prophet, his family and