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Inciting the Qunut for the Believers of Egypt

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 8 Min Read

All praise is due to Allah, the One who hears that which is whispered and all secrets concealed, the One who provides relief from tragedies and hardship. Peace and blessings be upon

Threatening the Stability of an ‘Enlightened’ Europe – The Anti Niqab Law

Editor 4 Min Read

The intention to ban the niqab in France is nothing new, but given that the anti-niqab law has now been passed (with it coming into full force early next year), France has

The Time for Righteous Resolutions

Editor 11 Min Read

With the passing of Ramadan, many of us have been left with a deep feeling of sorrow and regret since the month of forgiveness has passed and its potential never realised. Although

Israel is its Worst Antagonist

Syed Haider 6 Min Read

In 1947 a ship bound for British controlled Palestine was intercepted by the British Navy. Aboard were some 4,500 Jewish Holocaust survivors all of whom hoped to settle in Palestine. But faced

Would the Hijab Have Saved Him?

Editor 3 Min Read

Dear Nicolas Sarkozy, It is with regret that we learnt of your wife’s extra marital affairs thereby humiliating you whilst you hold France’s highest public office. Here at i21C we would like

New and Improved and Changing for the Times

Ahmed Ali 4 Min Read

As the proverb goes, ‘change is the only constant’ as it is in the nature of all that Allah has created to constantly change and adapt. The actual notion of change is