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Three Lessons From 10 Caterpillars

Dr Layla Aitlhadj 9 Min Read

Prevent Watch director Dr Layla Aitlhadj shares some important lessons from a touching story with her daughter.

The Battle between the Islamic Caliphate and China

Z A Rahman 18 Min Read

"The battle determined the question which of the two civilisations, the Chinese or the Muslim, should predominate in the land..."

5 Values to Teach Our Kids in Lockdown

Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla 12 Min Read

Fatima Barkatulla shares five important values to teach children of all ages in lockdown

Ramaḍān ‘5’s: which one are you?

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 21 Min Read

Sh Ali Hammuda highlights: 5 ways Allāh prepares the month of Ramadān for us; 5 ways the people of dunya prepare; and 5 ways the people of īmān prepare for Ramadān...

LOCKDOWN SERIES | Explanation of 40 Hadith on Pandemics

Ibrahim al-Tamimy 4 Min Read

Receive the reward of a martyr during the Coronavirus pandemic - even if you don't get infected!

Steadfastness After Graduation: Post-ISoc Life

Enam Ahmod 9 Min Read

The real world is in dire need of ISoccers