100 Days Until Ramaḍān 1444/ 2023


Are you going to wait and react to it? Or will you prepare and hit the ground running? The preparation starts now!

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Interrogation in the Grave

Shaykh Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi 20 Min Read

The A to Z of Death Part 5 Click here for part 1 | Click here for part 2 | Click here for part 3 | Click here for part 4 Interrogation in the Grave Like death, the

What Have We Learnt Since Malcolm X’s Martyrdom?

Fahad Ansari 17 Min Read

In an age when Muslims in the West find themselves as a minority, it is time for us to examine the life of Malcolm X and adopt his attitudes and beliefs as

Halal Meat Hypocrisy

Moulana Yunus Dudhwala 14 Min Read

To take urgent action to protect religious slaughter in the UK and EU, sign now at: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/74830 Petition against religious slaughter sadly misses the point… again The last few years have seen

Right to pray throughout the day: framing your argument for a Muslim prayer room

Dr Abid Mohammed 9 Min Read

“But Muslims deserve a place to pray!” But that was not what the motion was about. The motion was about whether Muslims deserved their own prayer room as opposed to sharing a

Worried about Non Muslims in Britain? Response to Telegraph

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 20 Min Read

All praise belongs to Allāh, may His blessings and salutations be upon His final Messenger, Muhammad (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam). Introduction Last week an article in the Telegraph entitled “Worried about Muslims

According to Maajid Nawaz, Islam is the problem

Laura Stuart 15 Min Read

Today, Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation posted on social media the following statement:- This pathological jihadist obsession with "the Jooz" in Europe isn't born from lack of religiously justified sanction. Here's