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Church of England says ban parents from stopping their children learning about Islam in school

Editor 5 Min Read

Parents should be prevented from pulling their children out of Religious Education (RE) lessons because they are preventing their children from learning about Islam, the Church of England has warned.  The Church

Police accused of ‘harassing’ world’s longest ambulance convoy

Editor 10 Min Read

Humanitarian aid workers have spoken of their frustration at being subjected to repeated stops, detentions and police visits as they take part in what is being dubbed "the world’s longest ambulance convoy”.

UKIP says niqab is banned in Makkah on BBC

Editor 3 Min Read

Many people may have been thankful that the usual idiotic demagoguery using Muslims as a political football had been noticeably absent in the general election campaign. That was, until UKIP opened their

St George: more like a “radical Islamist” than an English nationalist!

Z A Rahman 14 Min Read

In a delightful irony, if he were alive today the far right groups in the UK venerating him as a saint would reject him, call him a foreigner, and tell him to

The Times’ failed attack against Mend is good news

Dr. Salman Butt 17 Min Read

Every now and then, a servile Islamophobic journalist whips up a hatchet job so embarrassing that even their newspapers seek to bury it in the middle somewhere or behind a subscription-only paywall

Muslim children “held at gunpoint” by police in Birmingham

Editor 3 Min Read Click above to watch video Shocking footage has emerged showing police raiding a house in Birmingham and pointing machine guns at handcuffed children as young as 12 according to eye-witnesses. The mobile phone