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Muslim girl “abducted and beaten to death” in USA

Editor 4 Min Read

News came in yesterday of 17 year old Nabra Hassanen. Witnesses report that she and a group of friends left the local mosque in Virginia on Sunday, after the Tarawih prayers. It

Ibn Ali Miller: the Black Muslim Hero

Ayshah Syed 4 Min Read

Last month a video of Ibn Ali Miller breaking up a fight between two young, black, school boys drew attention the world over. Brought onto the Steve Harvey show “Harvey’s Heroes”, Ibn

Afghanistan a “testing ground for US mass killing weaponry”

Editor 3 Min Read

London – The dropping of a 21,600 pound bomb – the largest non-nuclear weapon – on Afghanistan by the United States is evidence that the Trump government is using Afghanistan as a live

Is Trump’s missile attack genuine?

Editor 5 Min Read

We wake to the news that the Americans have launched a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase in direct, and almost immediate, retaliation for the recent chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun,

US launches missile strike in response to Assad’s chemical attack

Editor 5 Min Read

The United States has fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase controlled by the Assad Regime. This is the first direct military strike the US has taken against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces in the

Muslim Journalists on Trump’s “kill list”

Dr. Salman Butt 3 Min Read

Former AlJazeera Islamabad bureau chief Ahmad Zaidan, and US-born Bilal Abdul Kareem from On the Ground News (OGN) in Syria, are suing President Donald Trmp and other top administration officials. They filed