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Joint Statement: Muslim Leaders Condemn US Airstrikes

Editor 6 Min Read

The below is a non-partisan open statement signed by Muslim Imams, scholars and activists from various schools of thought and organisations in predominantly English-speaking countries to condemn the killing of hundreds of innocent men,

US-led coalition bomb school in Syria – 33 dead

Editor 2 Min Read

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said that the US-led coalition carried out yet another bombing of a civilian instillation on Monday night. At least 33 people were killed in

Trump administration bombed mosque then “targeted people as they were running away”

Editor 2 Min Read

Bilal Abdul Kareem reported hours ago for On The Ground News from Jena in northern Syria revealing the harrowing, calculated attack on a mosque by the US. In a recorded, unedited video

US accused of war crimes after bombing Tabligh gathering in mosque

Editor 2 Min Read

The air strike by United States aircraft which destroyed a mosque in northern Syria, killing at least 56 civilians and injuring at least 100 more, constitutes a war crime. According to reports,